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In het groene hart van Italië

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Experimental ceramics with Paula Biancalana

To this course you can subscribe either for one – the first - or for two weeks. The focus is on nature and its products. You will get acquainted with a number of traditional techniques and materials, which were already used by the Etruscans. For a start you will go back to nature searching for clay and materials to add to it. You will use traditional techniques of hand building with rolls, slabs and slices, but experiments on the wheel are not excluded. Also for texture and color you will find out what mother Earth has to offer. It is surprising to experience how simple it is to built your own, very temporary kiln. Whenever you will go camping you can build one; never ever a dull moment anymore during your holidays.

In this course the experiment and the process will be keynoted. Nevertheless also people with a strong focus on results will be satisfied. You definitely will come home with a handmade pottery product.

In the second week you will make rather big sculptures out of clay, which will be fired on the spot. They will serve as their own kiln by wrapping them up in a certain way. Take away home will be impossible, except for your memories. You must inform the homefront by pictures, films and stories. A kind of ‘narrative ceramics’.

Paula Biancalana is a teacher with her roots in the Italian – and thus – Etruscan ceramic tradition. Also outside of Italy she has travelled a lot to study the traditional pottery techniques, -materials and –methods. She is fond of firing. Really a fiery teacher.

For more information about Paula and her work: contact her at or visit her web site at