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In het groene hart van Italië

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Ceramics with Theresa Langendorff

Courses by request

On a splendid spot with magnificent views on Orvieto you will focus on working in clay under the expert and personal guidance of Theresa Langendorff, professional artist, qualified art teacher ( Academy of arts in Amsterdam;sculpture and ceramics) and art historian (graduated from the VU University in Amsterdam).

Surrounded by the beauty of nature and richness of culture in this part of Italy, you will find relaxation, meet interesting people and get inpiration to go deeply into the world of ceramics.

Theresa will teach you the necessary techniques to fully express yourself through the exciting medium of clay. She teaches you how to build pots and statues out of rings of clay, how to assemble an object out of clay plates, how to make statues out of a lump of clay, that you carve out and so on.

You will also get some basic knowledge of colouring with engobes and oxides, of the use of glazes and so on. Likewise you will learn which of the utensils fits best to the material and to what you want to achieve.

But..working in clay is more than mere techniques. You will also focus on your choice of a subject, design, aesthetics of your composition, plasticity, thrill and finishing of your work.

The course is for beginners and more advanced participants. You can bring your own utensils or ask us to buy them for you.

You will preferably work in local Italian clay, provided by alsettimocielo. In case you might prefer to work in another type of clay, you will have to bring that yourself.

Somewhere in the middle of the week we'll take you on excursion. The excursion will be related to ceramics and ceramic arts.

Theresa is at your disposal during 6 hours per day from Monday to Saturday.

Theresa has over 25 years of experience in art teaching. As an artist she works in a variety of stones, bronze and ceramics. She is specialised in sculptures and portraits.

She teaches in Italy, Opmeer, Amsterdam and Terschelling in a variety of disciplines like sculpture, moulding, ceramics, pottery and painting.

To get an impression of Theresa and her work, you might visit

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