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Felting Course with Edith Brons

In this course you will get acquainted with a number of possibilities and applications of the felting technique. Felting  is an ancient technique which often has been applied by nomadic people to make their tents.

Felt is made out of wool. We will use the wool of merino sheep for the basis. By adding soap, warmth and movements we can join the fibres together. By mixing the wool with other fibres such as silk and linen the most wonderful textiles can be made. The various sheep races produce a diversity of structures: smooth, curly, long-haired etc. The mix defines the texture of the material and provides a range of possibilities.

Edith considers felting as painting with wool.

In this course we will start with a simple flat work to get acquainted with the technique. Working you will experience the effects of the various materials.

When we will have had sufficient experience in laying out the wool regularly, in sticking and felting of the wool we can make the step to a more difficult variant, the spacial seamless form.

For our masterpiece we will use another technique, starting from fleece in which we will cut forms. The holes which are arisen will be filled with wool and/or silk in different colours. In this way we will make a figurative piece, which we could lay on the couch, use as tapestry, carpet or rug.

At the end of the course we will organize an exhibition/presentation of and a review on the produced works.

Basic materials will be provided, but you may be charged extra if you might have special wishes or in case of excessive use .

Further information on the contents of this course you can get by sending an e-mail to: