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DIY: your own summer shoes and sandals made out of felt

Natalya Brashovetska

1-6 June 2020

In this course you will be taught how to make sandals or summer shoes out of felt. The final result will be a shoe or sandal, made by yourself from the beginning to the end. This could never be claimed in case of leather, canvas or plastic shoes. It is like magic to achieve this result in only a few days!

Natalya Brashovetskaya ​ will guide you through this process in her characteristic, professional way. She is a highly professional felting artist; shoe making has become the nucleus of her work. She makes bags, boots, sandals, shoes--flat or high heeled, decorated or plain. You name it and she makes it.

You may understand that you are going to make a relatively simple pair of shoes/sandals.

In the course of many years Natalya has developped her own technique, which she is happy to share.

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